3 Easy Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Dogs are warmheartedly known as "man's best friend." To have them around is not only fun but also comforting in many ways. One of the most extraordinary things about having a dog is being able to communicate with it and at some levels obtaining a response from your beloved friend. Dogs enjoy playing games and energetic activities. They also enjoy learning new tricks and being the focus for praise and attention. Here are three easy tricks that can be taught without difficulty to your dog.

It is important when teaching dogs a new trick to praise the animal incessantly and to reinvigorate good behavior with a treat or two. This will continue positive performance during the learning process. It will also keep the dog from getting bored with the activity.

One activity that dogs really love is chasing items. If the owner has something that the dog wants, the dog will follow the motion of the item that it is focused on. This trick can be done with a stuffed animal, a food treat, or a ball of some kind. With a dog treat in hand look at the dog in the eyes, and while doing the spinning motion with your hand, in a firm voice say "spin." Continue to say and do the motion until the dog understands that it has to spin. When the dog finally accomplishes the trick let it have the treat in hand. Always remember to praise the dog or give it a firm hug to acknowledge a job well done. After a certain amount of time the dog will do the trick without the need of a treat, a stuffed animal or a ball. Patience is required and fun is the key to keeping the dog interested.

Although this is a fun trick for an owner, it is also one urgently needed when dogs are taken out to public places. When taking a dog outside to a public place, it is difficult for them to sit in one place for a certain amount of time. Dogs, especially puppies are naturally very active animals. To teach this trick will take a certain amount of time and requires a great deal of patience. Again, with this trick a type of treatment has to be used in order to encourage the dog to do what is commanded. To do this trick, stand in front of the dog with the treat. Hold the treat above the dog's head and slowly move the treat over and to the back. While doing this firmly say "sit." The dog's reaction will be immediately to sit back. As soon as the dog does that, give it the treat and praise it. This can also be done by gently pushing down on the lower back of the dog, while saying "sit" and bringing the treat back. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect, and that after a period of time less of the deeds will have to be used.

Dogs instinctively love to catch or go after anything that is thrown. The key to this trick is to have the dog bring it back to the owner, and to put it down in front of the owner to throw again. There are dogs who like to take the thrown item, run away and hide it. There are also dogs that capture the item in their teeth but refuse to relinquish it to the owner. Again, time and patience are needed for the dog to learn the trick, and lots of hugs, fears and admiration would not be bad either. For this trick use the dog's favorite plastic toy or ball. Hold a treat in one hand. In the other hand grip the object in hand and throw it. Let the dog go after it and when it secures the item, call its name. While calling the dog's name show it the treat. Wait until the dog is in front of you and it drops the object to the floor. When it releases the object immediately praise it and give it a treat. It is important not to force the object out of the dog's mouth, because it will not surrender it, instead it will playfully hold on to the object and wrestle it away from the owner.

Teaching dogs new tricks can be a time for bonding and fun. We have to remember that just as human animals need time to learn new things, dogs also go through different stages when learning a new trick. Time, patience, and love are a necessity when teaching a dog something new.

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