Robotemi is adding Alexa to its personal telepresence robot

Robotemi, the company behind Temi, will add the functionality once Amazon releases its Alexa Smart Screen and TV Device SDK. It’s not clear, however, if the startup will be replacing its entire operating system, called Temi OS, with the one used by Echo Show products, or merely supplementing it with Amazon services. Adopting the Alexa […]

This standing desk with a built-in PC is the workstation of your dreams – The Verge

The ideal workstation depends on who you ask, and whether that person prefers more monitors or just one and just how much clutter they’re comfortable with. But the closest approximation to most modern office workers’ dream workstation is probably the Cemtrex SmartDesk, an absurdly over-featured, three-monitor adjustable standing desk with a built-in Windows PC and […]